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Product Overview

While we usually make our pressed frames with your original flowers that you send to us, there are cases in which this is not possible.
Because of this, we offer the ability to repurchase / replicate your bouquet so you can still get a beautiful reminder of your important day.
There are usually 5 cases in which customers choose to repurchase:
1) You previously had your event and would like us to replicate your original bouquet / arrangement (it's a great anniversary gift!)
2) It's been more than 48 hours since your event and you haven't shipped the flowers to us (see below for more info)
3) You shipped your bouquet to us and want to replace a flower or two that didn't quite make it (fragile flowers, such as anemones and peonies often have a hard time traveling)
4) You shipped the flowers to us but they arrive dead / partially dead (usually because you didn't overnight the bouquet to us)
5) You aren't super sentimental and would rather pay the cost of repurchasing than the cost of shipping (which can sometimes be cheaper depending on where you live)
You can learn more about repurchasing here.