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Product Overview

Our pressed frames are one of our favorite things we make! We want to make sure that every frame that leaves our shop is filled with beautiful, colorful and balanced flowers.

No matter how perfectionistic we may be over here, there are a couple of things to keep in mind that, sadly, we can't control. First, colors change when flowers dry. No matter how hard we try to keep the flowers the same color as they were fresh, colors will change and natural browning will occur. Second, the drying process takes a lot of time and we need your bouquet as soon as possible. It usually takes about a month or two to get your flowers pressed and completely dry.

The sooner we can get your bouquet, the better! The fresher the flowers are, the better they will dry and the better your finished product will be. No matter what, it will be a sentimental treasure for you to keep for years to come to remind you of special days in your life.

*Note- All frames come with an acrylic glass backing which ensures your flowers will stay in tact in case something happens to the frame. All frames are made with real wood except for the rustic white frame color. The rustic white color is not available in the 11x14 size. Frames are nailed shut to keep your flowers tightly sealed. We will send you a design approval form for you to review before we seal it up! Please watch out for our emails after we receive your flowers to receive updates regarding your order. 


Size Descriptions:

16x20: Great for large, full bouquets! We can fit plenty of blooms in this frame size. 

11x14: Great for medium sized bouquets and arrangements. 

8x10: Great for small arrangements like boutonnieres, corsages, or displaying 1-3 large blooms! 


How Does The Process Work? 

We know shipping across the country can be scary, so we have worked hard to create an easy process that is stress-free for you. You have already put so much into your event, so let us take it from here!

Click below to learn more about how our process works.

What Design Style Should I Choose?

Click the link below to see the different design styles we offer!