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  • Color Correction for Pressed Flowers Color Correction for Pressed Flowers

    Color Correction for Pressed Flowers

    $10.00 - $40.00

    Brighten your blooms up with our color correction option! This is a great add-on if you are wanting a little more color in your pressed frames! Colors naturally change throughout the preservation process, so color correction can help restore these colors...

  • Custom Bouquet Watercolor Paintings Custom Bouquet Watercolor Paintings

    Custom Bouquet Watercolor Paintings

    $50.00 - $65.00

    These custom watercolor paintings are the perfect way to remember your bouquet! Our artist will use photos of your bouquet from your wedding day to create a piece that you love. We are excited to start offering this as a new way to keep your bouquet in...

  • Resin Ornament Resin Ornament

    Resin Ornament


    Resin ornaments are the perfect way to capture your blooms and the memories they hold! These ornaments are 3x1 inches and can hold a small flower or several filler flowers. Once you place your order, please let us know what flowers from your arrangement...

  • Gift Card

    Gift Card

    $50.00 - $400.00

    Give a loved one the gift of preservation!!  Select the amount you would like to give and complete your purchase. At checkout, indicate who you are purchasing for and when their event is happening. We will send the unique gift card code to your...

  • Ring Holder Ring Holder

    Ring Holder


    This resin ring holder is the perfect addition to any preservation order! Fits 1 small flower as well as filler pieces from your bouquet Holds 1-2 rings Stands about 4" tall

  • Daisy Set Daisy Set

    Daisy Set

    $35.00 - $85.00

    Everyday black backpack Simple fanny pack Adorned with hand stitched daisies Pieces come separate or as a set! 

  • Göteborg Larkspur Set

    Göteborg Larkspur Set

    $35.00 - $70.00

    The Larkspur set is the perfect vibrant piece to add to your jewelry collection!  18" gold chain Pressed larkspur flowers encased in resin Comes separate or as a set

  • Luleå Daisy Set Luleå Daisy Set

    Luleå Daisy Set

    $30.00 - $70.00

    18 inch gold chain daisy necklace Gold fish hook daisy earrings Can buy separately or as a set!  Pressed daisy preserved in resin

  • Astilbe Pendant Necklace

    Astilbe Pendant Necklace


    These resin filled necklaces feature Astilbe, which symbolizes patience and reminds us to wait calmly for good things to come. The perfect charm for everyday wear!  18 in gold chain Resin filled  Pressed astilbe flower 

  • Waxflower Pendant Necklace

    Waxflower Pendant Necklace


    The Waxflower symbolizes lasting love. What better way to remind you or a loved one of this than these perfect hot pink waxflower charms? These charm necklaces make the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love! 18" gold chain Resin filled Pressed...