16x20 Frontal Facing Shadow Box

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Product Description

Our frontal facing shadow boxes are a beautiful option for brides who love a more natural, 3D look!

This shadow box design displays the front of your blooms instead of our classic shadow box option, which displays the blooms on their side and shows more of the stems. This option is especially great for those with large and full bouquets or arrangements.

For the frontal facing shadow box we use different flower drying methods to preserve the flower’s natural shape and color so that your preserved flowers look just like they did on your wedding day! Please keep in mind that colors may change and natural browning can occur over time. In order to preserve the shape and color of these blooms the best we can, we need your flowers as soon as possible after your event.

The preservation process can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks, so please be aware of this as you are waiting for your order! No matter what, the frontal facing shadow box is a beautiful way to display your flowers and remind you of special memories for years to come!

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